But Wait!…There’s More!

Scores?…Hundreds? watched yesterday as Edge Studio’s Managing Director Graeme Spicer conducted a face-to-face interview with Voices.com’s CEO David Ciccarelli.Cicacrelli and Spicer know each other, live in the same city, and there are close ties... read more

Do This…

…watch Tuesday’s Edge Studio-sponsored interview with Voices.com’s CEO David Ciccarelli.Graeme Spicer, Edge Studio’s Managing Director will conduct the interview in Toronto.Spicer is a World-Voices pro member, an accomplished voice-actor, and... read more

Leveraging VO Learning

The other day a voice-acting colleague of mine expressed the sentiment that VO Webinars were getting out of hand.  “Everybody has to have a webinar these days!” There’s some truth to it. The comment set me to thinking of the myriad and manifold ways... read more

One Webinar…Many Takeaways

Yesterday’s hour-and-a-half-long webinar on ISDN alternatives made me a believer…a believer that entrepreneurship is thriving… personal & passionate initiative is an unstoppable force… and innovation is alive and well in this world.... read more

Ball ‘n’ Chain

My ISDN lines were installed 5 years ago.  I was giddy when my Telos XStream codec arrived.  When I have a session, I’m grateful for the technology, but honestly…I’m starting to see ISDN as a ball ‘n’ chain. You know me…I like... read more

The Truth About Social Media…

…is that it’s as useful as you make it.  Like most other worthwhile endeavours, you reap what you sow… you get out of it what you put into it. I’ll admit, I was attracted to it ’cause it was a bright and shiny penny back in the early days... read more


Yup, I’ve  been holding back. Read any of my blogs (including yesterday’s), and you know I subscribe to two hard and fast rules. 1) There are no Social Media experts (only students). 2) Things change so fast in Social Media, you almost can’t keep up.... read more

Do Yourself a Favor…

…and spend attend Tom Dheere’s VoiceOverXtra webinar TONITE (12/18/12). I know it’s short notice, but you can make it right? Tom is a voice actor like the rest of us…but he’s a successful voice actor ‘cause he’s devised some of the best habits I’ve ever seen for a... read more

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