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by | Nov 2, 2015 | Interview, Subscription Services, Webinar

Graeme@David…watch Tuesday’s Edge Studio-sponsored interview with’s CEO David Ciccarelli.

Graeme Spicer, Edge Studio’s Managing Director will conduct the interview in Toronto.

Spicer is a World-Voices pro member, an accomplished voice-actor, and brings with him a deep knowledge of the corporate world from a previous career.  Graeme is a Toronto resident, and quite familiar with the Ciccarelli’s, and the operation.  He splits his time between the NYC Edge Studio offices and his business office in Toronto.

The interview will live-stream from the offices in Toronto.

Here’s why you should watch this webinar:  You’d have to be living in cave to be ignorant of:

  1. The impact on voiceover of online casting sites like Ciccarelli’s
  2. The recent spate of claims that the business model is double-, triple-, or even quadruple-dipping in the voice seeker/voice talent transaction
  3. The righteous indignation from the voice acting community resulting from those above-mentioned claims in online VO forums

Fairness demands that such claims and reaction-to-claims be defended from both sides of the story.  Ciccarelli has been steadfastly absent from the active discussion, despite promoting some hi-profile write-ups in the LA Times, Huffington Post, The Entrepreneur, and other online publications.

With today’s free webinar, Ciccarelli will be answering some tough questions from Spicer in an active, live-streamed, unrehearsed interview.  Hopefully, Spicer will be willing to accept some questions and comments from the webinar’s attendees.

Click here to see the Edge Studio Invitation.

Don’t need the full explanation?  Click here to go to the webinar registration page.

Reserve at least an hour for attending this webinar beginning at 2pm Eastern.  I hope the GoToWebinar servers will be ready to handle the traffic!

If you’d like to keep up a convo during the webinar in a back channel, just look for the Twitter hashtag #timefortruth, like you would for WoVOChats.  Edge Studio will be live tweeting too, at #edgelive.




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