Florida VO Resources is one of the more vibrant of the many local-area mastermind or VO sharing groups.  I don’t live in Central Florida, but the people there made me an honorary member, and I’ve learned a lot from their community. One of their members... read more

Murphy’s Law

There’s hope for this business when dedicated and passionate VO newcomers seek out solid answers about equitable rates, or demo producers, or agency representation.  Hopefully, I can give them a more balanced answer than they can get just by searching the... read more

How far….

….would you travel to go to a voiceover conference?Well…Sean Daeley traveled 6827.6 miles.  That’s how far it is from Nagasaki, Japan to Atlanta, Georgia, USA.Like me, Sean is a “hybrid” voice actor who does something else to help pay the... read more

But Wait!…There’s More!

Scores?…Hundreds? watched yesterday as Edge Studio’s Managing Director Graeme Spicer conducted a face-to-face interview with’s CEO David Ciccarelli.Cicacrelli and Spicer know each other, live in the same city, and there are close ties... read more

Do This…

…watch Tuesday’s Edge Studio-sponsored interview with’s CEO David Ciccarelli.Graeme Spicer, Edge Studio’s Managing Director will conduct the interview in Toronto.Spicer is a World-Voices pro member, an accomplished voice-actor, and... read more

Monthly Tele-Call with Mike Elmore

A few weeks back, Mike Elmore asked me to be featured in his series of recorded interviews called VO Stars. I told him he was talking to the wrong guy.  I mean, it’s flattering, but…really?  Well, after a little cajoling, I agreed to chat with Mike about... read more

The Rest of the Story…

…and  maybe it’s more than you ever wanted to know about/from Dave Courvoisier. But when I look back on the interview I did with Stacey and Chuck on VO Buzz Weekly, I realized there’s really some good stuff in there!  That’s why it they made it... read more

Dave Hits it Big

Confession time:  TV personalities get a big kick out of finding their picture in the local newspaper. Yeah, even today, with print publications in decline..and yes, even if it’s a picture for the wrong reason.  Never mind our mugs are on the TV set every night,... read more

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