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A Few Last Pics From VOA

I’ll have some thoughts about the conference tomorrow, but ‘thought you might enjoy a few more shots from the event.¬† Recognize anyone? The Spanish-Speaking attendees broke out in song on the final night. Closing Ceremonies, VO Atlanta 2017 from Dave... read more

Why I Love VO Conferences

Voice Over Atlanta launches Thursday.¬† It’s turned into one of the more encompassing of the many VO conventions that have sprouted-up over the years.¬† The last I heard, upwards of 500 will be attending in one capacity or another.¬† That’s awesome, and shows... read more

Ethics in Voice Acting

Ethics?¬† Really?¬† I just need VO jobs! OK, I hear ya, but believe it or not it’s all tied in together, and it’s also best described in the context¬†of community. Next week at VoiceOver Atlanta, J Michael Collins is moderating a panel on this very topic.¬† As... read more

VO Atlanta Rates Roundtable Panel

‘Two big VO conferences in two months.¬†‘Gotta remember to pace myself. :)But, look… these gatherings are golden if you go in with an agenda, a promise to yourself¬†to talk to targeted contacts, and to take lots of¬† notes/pictures.At the Voiceover... read more

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