VO Atlanta

A Few Last Pics From VOA

I’ll have some thoughts about the conference tomorrow, but ‘thought you might enjoy a few more shots from the event.  Recognize anyone? The Spanish-Speaking attendees broke out in song on the final night. Closing Ceremonies, VO Atlanta 2017 from Dave... read more

Why I Love VO Conferences

Voice Over Atlanta launches Thursday.  It’s turned into one of the more encompassing of the many VO conventions that have sprouted-up over the years.  The last I heard, upwards of 500 will be attending in one capacity or another.  That’s... read more

Ethics in Voice Acting

Ethics?  Really?  I just need VO jobs! OK, I hear ya, but believe it or not it’s all tied in together, and it’s also best described in the context of community. Next week at VoiceOver Atlanta, J Michael Collins is moderating a panel on this... read more

VO Atlanta Rates Roundtable Panel

‘Two big VO conferences in two months.  ‘Gotta remember to pace myself. 🙂 But, look… these gatherings are golden if you go in with an agenda, a promise to yourself to talk to targeted contacts, and to take lots of  notes/pictures. At... read more

How far….

….would you travel to go to a voiceover conference? Well…Sean Daeley traveled 6827.6 miles.  That’s how far it is from Nagasaki, Japan to Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Like me, Sean is a “hybrid” voice actor who does something else to... read more

Atlanta Attitude

The lady who sits down across the lunch table from me was blond, bubbly, and about my age.  We’re both at the catered lunch provided by VO Atlanta on a Saturday.  “I’m Barbara,” she says.  “I’ve been working as a... read more

VO Atlanta, Day 1

No sleep last night.  Greeted with hailstones at the Atlanta airport. But… a glorious reunion with old friends, and the wonderful introduction to new friends at the first day of VO Atlanta. In the interest of my sanity (I’m on a panel tomorrow),... read more