Ah…that heady post-conference feeling!  Physically/mentally spent, and yet invigorated and inspired!

No, I didn’t go to Atlanta this year, but I’m still walking a couple of feet off the ground from LAST year!

Overwhelmed may summarize your state-of-mind.  Or any number of other words:  connected, refreshed, empowered, and part of something bigger than yourself, right?

How to Capitalize on Your Experience

Do This Now

Hopefully you took a lot of notes during the sessions. Or maybe you jotted down some quick “to-do’s” while waiting in the airport…maybe a voice recording to yourself? If not, do that right now…the absolute most important thoughts, nuggets, remembrances and people to follow-up with off the top of your head. It doesn’t have to be pretty, but if you start that list, you’ll keep adding to it over and over for the next few days

…Then do this

Sleep.  Eat.  Rest.  Take Airborne ’cause conferences are notorious for sharing colds and bugs.  Seriously, find a way to take most of the next day to just undo the tension and energy.  Stop smiling for 5 minutes. (heh).  Do something mundane and mind-distracting that has nothing to do with VO.

Thank You’s

Someone, or MANY someones did or said something very helpful, personal, or affirming to you, and they deserve to know you were touched by that.  Send an email is the default, but maybe you should write a hand-written note, and put it in the mail?…or even call (give it a few days – it’ll seem more special).


Now is the time to get out those notes from your sessions for real.  Scour them for nuggets.  Make more notes to yourself from THOSE notes.  Summarize.  Create a doc to cement them in your mind.  Swap notes with others in sessions you couldn’t attend.  Make priority lists of impending tasks that are mandatory actions in the next few days.  Get out your calendar, and break down goals to daily tasks.  Do it!

Get To Work!

If don’t incorporate at least 75% of the great stuff you learned, you just wasted a bunch of money for a few expensive laughs, some selfies, and a so-so hotel room away from home.   WHATEVER you soaked in…incorporate that into your studio, your work-flow, your self-direction, your agent search, your personal routines, your mind-set, your business plan, your upcoming demo…WHATEVER you went there to glean…put it to work in real life!

You just gave your career a gift.  You invested your hard-earned money back into your business.  Make it pay off!

If — like me — you didn’t go to Atlanta, then read this blog from last year to mine your past conference experiences for platinum nuggets that you can use today!





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