Why I Love VO Conferences

by | Mar 7, 2017 | VO Atlanta

Voice Over Atlanta launches Thursday.  It’s turned into one of the more encompassing of the many VO conventions that have sprouted-up over the years.  The last I heard, upwards of 500 will be attending in one capacity or another.  That’s awesome, and shows the growing power and unity of this profession!

It’s hard NOT to love a VO conference.  Being in the same space as your peers.  After all, we tend to work in isolation more than most.  Yes, we commiserate on Social Media, but it’s not the same.  Phone calls either.  What makes a VO conference better than all that?

  • shake a hand
  • break some bread
  • learn lots
  • meet new people
  • network
  • hoist a few brews
  • look a friend in the eye
  • take lots of pics
  • learn more
  • get something of value
  • give something of value
  • be inspired
  • be part of community

But, let’s face it, the #1 reason it’s great to go to a VO conference…guaranteed:  you will immediately be inundated with clients who want a VO job done, NOW.  In fact, that’s a hard ‘n’ fast rule about traveling anywhere…not just to VO conferences.  The “inevitable job while traveling” rule is just more do-able at a VO convention, because everybody brings their equipment with them!…an abundance of gear!

Going to Atlanta? C U there!

Not going?  Watch this blog for updates/pics/and videos.




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