That heady feeling of anticipation when you are about to share in a joyful reunion with your besties — complete with a road trip (well, plane), and fresh sheets every morning.

It’s VO Atlanta!

This will be #3 for me, but I’m not sure #2 even prepared me for the event that’s shaping up this year.  It looks to be better than ever.

Many have arrived already.  I get there Thursday at noon, but most of my day Wednesday will be taken with preparations.  That has bled into Tuesday evening, so I admit I file this post in haste.

Pls watch back here in the hours and days to come.  I’ll be commiserating and taking pics with the best of ’em as I “network” and share smiles.  I’ll also be posting live-streaming videos on WoVO’s Members-Only FB group, and tweeting, etc.

Not going?  Don’t worry…much of the hype descends into lost opportunities, tired feet, and bleary eyes.  Not to cast a shadow, but there will be other opportunities for VO conferencing later this year, like WoVOConV in November.

More soon!




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