VO Atlanta Rates Roundtable Panel

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Rates Roundtable, VO Atlanta

rates‘Two big VO conferences in two months. 

‘Gotta remember to pace myself. 🙂

But, look… these gatherings are golden if you go in with an agenda, a promise to yourself to talk to targeted contacts, and to take lots of  notes/pictures.

At the Voiceover Atlanta event in March, I also hosted a panel discussion that amounted to being a live “Rates Roundtable”.  So it was another in the long series of programs that I co-host with Anne Ganguzza…only this one was recorded in front of a live audience, and the guests were all on the stage with me, not scattered all over the virtual internet.

On this occasion, our guests were:

  • Marc Scott
  • Mara Junot
  • Graeme Spicer
  • Susie de Santiago
  • Paul Boucher

Conference organizer Gerald Griffith allowed me to release this video of the discussion a little ahead of the public offering, and my thanks to him for that permission.  You can play the Vimeo video below.

Other videos from the conference’s many sessions are available at http://voatlanta.tv

In addition, Griffith is offering a 25% discount off any video package to all World-Voices Organization members.

By the end of the month, Anne & I hope to host another Rates Roundtable with all the GVAA people who recently published a new rates resource.

Thanks to all who participated in this session!




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