Rates Roundtable

Rates Roundtable is Back!

Video Game voice-actors and SAG-AFTRA negotiators discuss the Interactive Strike. A Gold-Ribbon panel of experts talk about progress being made in SAG’s longest-ever strike.

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Latest Rates Roundtable – Feb 2017

This one’s a gem, folks. I know I probably say something close to that for everyone RR that’s come down the pike, but the information shared on this particular panel seems to be more needed than ever. The discussion went way beyond the scary realities of... read more

2017’s First Rates Roundtable

Most of January was taken with the effort of getting through January.  But that’s water under the bridge.  February is here, and World-Voices Organization is back with a brand-spanking new panel discussion on voice-over rates. From what we’re... read more

December 2016 WoVO Rates Roundtable

. Listening to our astute panel for the December WoVO Rates Roundtable talk about the realities of being part of the Spanish-speaking and bilingual marketplace, I was struck by the sameness of their challenge for all voice-actors. Target audience Client relations... read more

Skype Real-Time Translator

Think synthetic voices aren’t a part of our reality yet? Check out Skype’s new feature, providing a real-time spoken word translation from one language to another.  Now, mind you…no one seems to be saying how well this works…but kudos to... read more

October Rates Roundtable: Usage

We enter a world of arcane language, conflicting buyouts, and digital media streams this month on our Rates Roundtable. “Usage” was something agents handled for their talent…buffering them from predatory and unscrupulous clients — and they... read more