World-Voices Organization has been holding Rates Roundtables for over two years, now.  We see it as one of the best expressions of our mandate to educate and create awareness around one of the central issues of freelancing:  compensation rates.

All of our sessions have dealt with this topic in some way.  We strive to fill every panel with the best authorities on the topic.

Today we’ll be recording another discussion on rates, but this time we’re turning the concept on its ear.  We’ll be discussing what voice talent should reasonably have to pay for good demo production and VO coaching.  In other words, what is the spectrum that coaches and demo producers are charging…and is it worth it?

We record at 1pm Pacific today, and hope to have the video production rendered and posted by evening.

Our panel is tops:

  • Cliff Zellman
  • Dan Friedman
  • Elaine Clark
  • Harry Dunn
  • Eric Romanowski
  • Gabrielle Nistico

Your co-hosts are Anne Ganguzza and Dave Courvoisier.

Please check back here later for the video.  We’ll also post it on the WoVO Website and the WoVO YouTube page as a service to our members…but you’ll likely see it all over.




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