Oh, The Excuses We Hear!

We’ve all been there.  New clients who think voice-acting is just “talking”, and treat you like they’re doing you a favor by offering you ANYTHING just to record their drivel. “There will be more work down the road if you do just this one... read more

New WoVO Rates Roundtable TODAY…

…and it’s a free live Webinar to the first 100 visitors! We’re gonna knock this one out of the park, ’cause our stellar panel is from the GVAA – Global Voice Acting Academy. Cristina Milizia, GVAA Founder, and her team of professional... read more

Be Smart About New “Broadcast” Compensation Rates

[SO many questions about digital compensation rates lately that I’m reprinting this blog from last year]“Broadcast” (Radio & TV) compensation rates seemed set in stone for years.  That’s because for decades there was relative stasis in the... read more

…Divided We Fall

…and that’s really the issue.   We’re a universe of individual freelance voice actors who have no cohesion, no unity.  We don’t speak with one voice regarding the issue of rates. WHERE’S SAG-AFTRA WHEN YOU NEED THEM? Ideally, the union... read more

Red Flags for the “New” Broadcast Rates

“Broadcast” (Radio & TV) compensation rates seemed set in stone for years.  That’s because for decades there was relative stasis in the industry.  Broadcast was a cash cow that benefited most everyone involved…including freelance... read more

Let’s Chat About Rates

Voice actors are known for their supportive and enabling acts of kindness.  As a community, most other freelance professionals don’t come close.  But in one realm, voiceover talents keep their cards close to the vest. Rates. It’s not that we wouldn’t... read more

Rates, Compensation, Pay

Is there any topic of more interest to voice-actors, or ANY freelancer for that matter? I’m not buying the fact that some people are totally at ease with the rate they ask for and the rate they get.  I think ALL voice-actors have some level of anxiety,... read more

Don’t Discount Your Rates….Unless

As freelance voice-actors we struggle and wring our hands over pricing our services…at least most of us do, and usually when we’re first finding our way in this business. Later, we come to realize the power of  saying “no”, the magic of setting... read more

Rates Rebound

Mention VO rates, and you’re bound to get a vibrant response.  Such was the case with yesterday’s blog “Low-Balling Liability?” Certain topical touchpoints in voice acting seem to hit a nerve, no matter how often they’re mentioned in... read more

Low-Balling Liability?

In this post, I will not name the whistle-blower to protect the innocent.  It is not me who found this site.  That person received the notice (read below) as an email, and asked my opinion. Over the years, I’ve moved off-center in the debate about the capitalist... read more

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