#WoVOChat Results: Client Directions

Deciphering the directions from voice-seekers is a minefield.  Reading between the lines can make you go cross-eyed.How many takes?  Do I send a processed audiofile…or one that’s just bare bones?  Should I take the directions to the letter, or give them my... read more

#WoVOChat Wednesday!

Ever been downright confused or flummoxed by the audition directions you get from agents and producers?…then you are NOT going to want to miss this WoVOChat! Not only are the guests at the top of their game, but the topic itself will just be fun to talk about: ... read more

Alternative Marketing With Video #WoVOChat Results

Wednesday was a day that brought my TV news responsibilities crashing down on any hope of participating in the WoVOChat.  All I can say is, please pray for the families of the San Bernardino victims. I’m told, though, that #WoVOChat guests Cam Cornelius and... read more

Grateful for WoVOChats!

NOTICE…THIS CHAT HAS BEEN MOVED TO WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2ndS’Gonna be a good week, what with Thanksgiving and all.  But WoVO has a little business to conduct on line before Turkey Day.Our next #WoVOChat is this Wednesday at Noon Pacific.  The topic is one... read more

The Business of Your Business

With Veteran’s Day celebrations, and reaction to World-Voices’ statement about P2P’s, it might have been easy to miss Wednesday’s WoVOChat on the subject of VO Bookkeeping.You’re right, it’s a yawner of a topic to most people, but... read more

#WoVOChat Today: Bookkeeping

You wanna get paid doncha? Sure you do…and because it’s absolutely necessary, chances are you’ve devised SOME workable method for invoicing your clients for the work you’ve done, and keeping a record of your payments. Lemme ask you, though.  Is... read more

The Week Behind, The Week Ahead

Last week was staycation week.Well, I did do some sight-seeing for a trip there and back in one day.(see below)I felt entitled, ’cause the week ahead is a heavy WoVO work week, and I’m back to my TV NewsAnchor job.(I know, I know y’all feel sorry for... read more

WoVOChat: Narration Results

Everyone tells me Wednesday’s WoVOChat on the topic of narrations was fabulous.I wouldn’t know, it was the first WoVOChat I’ve missed, so I wasn’t there…I was HERE:In my absence, though, Pamela Muldoon, Brad Venable, Tim Keenan, and Andy... read more

#WoVOChat Results: Agents

Usually we have two guest expert on our WoVOChats, ’cause the reparté can get very busy.But ole “Fast Fingas Umberger” was able to handle the pace just fine own today, thankyou!Our topic was agents, and agency representation.  That’s a... read more

#WoVOChat Today: Agents

Should I join the Union?Should I get ISDN?Should I seek an agent?The top three questions that seem to emerge when a voice actor really is finding success, and building toward a career in this business.Honestly, they’re three questions rooted in voice-over... read more

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