#WoVOChat Results: Client Directions

by | Dec 16, 2015 | WoVOChat

WoVOChat resultsDeciphering the directions from voice-seekers is a minefield.  Reading between the lines can make you go cross-eyed.

How many takes?  Do I send a processed audiofile…or one that’s just bare bones?  Should I take the directions to the letter, or give them my interpretation?…and what about that sample YouTube video they sent?  Is that what they really want?…or is it what the pros say:  the client doesn’t really know WHAT she/he wants!!

Those questions were all answered in Wednesday’s WoVOChat…and THEN some.

Our guest experts: Johnny George and “Uncle” Roy Yokelson — deftly answered all the prepared questions, and their collective wisdom could be its own webinar on this topic.

#WoVOChats are an outreach of World-Voices Organization and the sessions are designed by WoVO pro member and content marketing specialist Pamela Muldoon.  WoVO Executive Board member Brad Venable is our knowledgeable and affable host.

Muldoon also compiles results from the chats.  The most edifying is probably the Storify record of the stream-of-consciousness during the hour.  You can find that here:


There’s also a report of Twitter reach that is quite revealing, and you’ll find that by clicking the link below:


WoVOChats will be on hiatus for the rest of the year.  ‘Sounds like a lot, but it’s just a couple of weeks, actually.

We’ll see you back on WoVOChats in January, 2016!!!




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