The Week Behind, The Week Ahead

by | Oct 25, 2015 |, WoVOChat

SSR in ZionLast week was staycation week.

Well, I did do some sight-seeing for a trip there and back in one day.

(see below)

I felt entitled, ’cause the week ahead is a heavy WoVO work week, and I’m back to my TV NewsAnchor job.

(I know, I know y’all feel sorry for me doncha).  OK, off my pity pot.


Southwestern Utah is a photographer’s delight.  I like the roads a lot in my Chevy SSR, too.  Zion Nat’l Park, Cedar Breaks, and Bryce Canyon are all within a few miles of each other.  Stunning!  A palliative for the soul, and fresh pine air at 10,000 feet to clear the mind.

But in the week ahead, plenty on the schedule:  an hour-long WoVO-sponsored R.A.D.A.R. Rates Roundtable I’m hosting with Anne Ganguzza.  Our guests will be Agent Erik Sheppard, Beau Stephenson, Johnny George, Steven Lowell, Jay Preston, and Dani States.  All have had a part to play in the recent brouhaha over compensation outrage (for lack of a better term).  Within 24 hours, we’ll have a recording of the hour-long discussion available for viewing.

Wednesday, WoVO sponsors another #WoVOChat on the subject of VO websites, and our guests are awesome experts:  Brett Bumeter who is the force behind my own website (as well as many others) …and Nikki Saco, who is KNOWN for her excellent work with many VO websites.

Friday, WoVO holds it’s annual membership meeting.  All are invited to attend.  We have room for 500… and you’ll get an invitation if you haven’t already, on how to attend…and vote.

Exciting times, but all three of those WoVO events have taken an immense amount of set-up time.  ‘Glad I had the last week free to work on them.

Wassup up with you this week?




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