#WoVOChat Wednesday!

by | Dec 16, 2015 | WoVOChat

wovochatlogo-whiteEver been downright confused or flummoxed by the audition directions you get from agents and producers?…then you are NOT going to want to miss this WoVOChat! 

Not only are the guests at the top of their game, but the topic itself will just be fun to talk about:  “Working With “Interesting” Client Direction. 

Our guests are Johnny George (a frequent visitor to #WoVOChat, and “Uncle” Roy Yokelson — everyone’s favorite BBQ’ing audio expert!

#WoVOChats happen roughly every other week, and are an outreach of World-Voices Organization as a means of promotions, advocacy, and education (and it helps as a recruiting tool, too!).

These chats are designed by WoVO pro member and content marketing specialist Pamela Muldoon.  She moderates the hour-long program, and provides metrics afterwards.  WoVO Executive Board member Brad Venable is our knowledgeable and affable host.

We like tchat.io and Tweetchat.com as programs that make it SOOOO easy to follow the stream-of-consciousness during the hour, which starts at Noon Pacific time, Wed., 12-16-15.  This will likely be the last WoVOChat of the year, so don’t miss it!

Below is a list of some of the questions we will pose during the hour.  Our guests will answer, but it’s so much more fun when YOU chime in with your perspective.

See you there!


How has client direction changed over the past few years? What are some trends you are seeing?

How have client expectations changed in terms of technical requirements for a voiceover talent?

What are some tips you can provide when receiving little or no direction on a VO project?

When submitting an audition, how much processing should a VO talent consider with their audio submission?

What is expected with Online client/talent etiquette?

How can a VO talent close out an online session?

What to do to make them remember you?





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