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by | Sep 2, 2015 | WoVOChat


Should I join the Union?

Should I get ISDN?

Should I seek an agent?

The top three questions that seem to emerge when a voice actor really is finding success, and building toward a career in this business.

Honestly, they’re three questions rooted in voice-over tradition, not so much it’s present.  The union, ISDN, and talent agencies are all players in today’s voice-over marketplace, but all have seen big challenges in recent years brought on by internet- caused paradigm shifts.

On the World-Voices Twitter Chat today: we’re going to look at that last question:  The value of agents, and talent agencies.

On the one hand, I hear seasoned pros admit they only get 5% of their work from agents, but on the other hand, most of those pros would admit agents are the portal to all the best paying jobs.  Landing ONE of those jobs here ‘n’ there might be worth a lot of eLearning or explainer videos.

We’ll find out what it’s like on the inside when we chat with Atlanta’s favorite agent: Jeffrey Umberger.

Jeffrey is accessible, savvy, and busy…but he does it all with a smile, a knowing attitude, and great efficiency.  We’re tickled pink to get an hour of his time for today’s #WoVOChat at noon Pacific time.  Wed., 9-2-15.

The architect and moderator for WoVO’s tweetchats is WoVO professional member Pamela Muldoon.  She’s a whiz at social media and content marketing, and runs the hour like a general!  Brad Venable is the host of our Chat. 

A few of the questions you’ll see asked and answered during the session are listed below.

We like tchat.io and tweetchat.com for following the stream of consciousness as it flies by.  That’s the fun part.  While Jeffrey is our guest authority on agents and agencies, you’ll hear plenty of wisdom from WoVO pro talent who are working with agents all the time.  Well worth the price of admission:  free!

C ya there!


1) Before we dive in, tell us about Umberger Agency. What areas in VO do you specialize in as an agency? #WoVoChat
2) How has the agency work for voiceover changed over the past few years? #WoVoChat
3) As an agent, what are you looking for in VO talent? What can VO talent do to improve their chances at getting signed? #WoVoChat
4) How important is union membership when it comes to booking thru your agency? #WoVoChat
5) What do you recommend VO talent do to continually improve their craft and increase their booking rate? #WoVoChat
6) Does a voiceover talent need an agent to have a successful career? #WoVoChat



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