Alternative Marketing With Video #WoVOChat Results

by | Dec 2, 2015 | WoVOChat

WoVOChat resultsWednesday was a day that brought my TV news responsibilities crashing down on any hope of participating in the WoVOChat.  All I can say is, please pray for the families of the San Bernardino victims.

I’m told, though, that #WoVOChat guests Cam Cornelius and Christi Bowen rocked the internet leading a discussion about alternative marketing tools, particularly the use of video in marketing.  WoVO sponsors these chats as a resource for our members and soon-to-be members to equip themselves in the ever-changing world of voice acting.

World-Voices Organization Pro member, and content marketing maven Pamela Muldoon designs and moderates these WoVOChats, and WoVO Board member and voice actor Brad Venable is our host and facilitator.  Kudos to them for making the chats so successful and jam-packed with info!

Muldoon also makes available a Storify summary of the tweets.  You can find that here:

Amazing the reach of chats like this.  Here is also a report of the metrics on the chat provided by Muldoon:

Thanks everyone!

Our last chat of the years is on December 16th, and the guest are Johnny George and Roy Yokelson on the topic of “How to Handle Interesting Direction”.  Should be fantastic!




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