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by | Nov 12, 2015 | WoVOChat

WoVOChat resultsWith Veteran’s Day celebrations, and reaction to World-Voices’ statement about P2P’s, it might have been easy to miss Wednesday’s WoVOChat on the subject of VO Bookkeeping.

You’re right, it’s a yawner of a topic to most people, but this is where the rubber meets the road for your business.  It’s not all about microphones and coaches and marketing.  The nuts ‘n’ bolts of running your back office can make or breaking your budding freelance business, and should never be ignored.

Our expert guest had all the answers about CRM’s, Bookkeeping, invoicing, and more.  Tina Maloney does all this…and has been doing all this for years especially FOR voice actors.  Her answers were spot-on. 

Our moderator Pamela Muldoon was awesome, as usual..she’s the glue that holds these chats together every other week, and we’re grateful to her for all she does. WoVO Exec Board member Brad Venable hosted this World-Voices Organization-sponsored event, and his brilliance always shines through.  Thanks guys!

Muldoon also creates a Storify summary of all the tweets in the chat, so those of you who could not attend, can still get a tutorial on all the great answers.  Below is the link for that Storify record:

For those who are big on further metrics, Muldoon also offers the following link which shows the reach of today’s WoVOChat:

Looks like our next chat will cover the use of video in your business and marketing.  We have some awesome guests planned.




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