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by | Jan 25, 2015 | Pricing, VO Business, WoVOChat

freelance_aint_freeIs there any topic of more interest to voice-actors, or ANY freelancer for that matter?

I’m not buying the fact that some people are totally at ease with the rate they ask for and the rate they get.  I think ALL voice-actors have some level of anxiety, frustration, and insecurity about their pay.

This blog will not attempt to answer that angst, but WoVO’s next TweetChat will.

As you know by now, World-Voices Organization sponsors an hour-long Twitter Chat every other Wednesday at noon Pacific time.  The hashtag is #WoVOChat, and this week, the topic is rates.  I’ll be joined by one of WoVO’s most thoughtful Executive Board members in the discussion:  Dan Lenard, of EWABS fame. 

We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but we have lots of good questions, and a FEW answers.  We’re depending on fine folks like you to fill in the blanks, too.

Below are some of the questions we hope to ask and answer.

1)   How has the VO marketplace been affected by the Internet? 

2) Did P2P’s destroy the expectation of decent rates with their “cattle-call” methods?

3) Does SAG-AFTRA really look out for voice-actors? Why should I join/not join?

4) What’s the best way to approach a low-ball offer from a client?

5) How can I best find out what my prospective client is willing to pay?

6) How should you deal with VO talent willing to accept Fiverr rates?

7) Won’t there always be freelancers willing to accept less that what they’re worth?

8) Where is WoVO in the “rates” debate?

9) Shouldn’t talents rates be a private matter?

10) If WoVO doesn’t get into the rate debate, how do you decide associate v. pro? Isn’t that part of your vetting process?

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015, noon PST. 

Park yourself in front of your favorite Twitter program (Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, etc.), configure a search for #WoVOChat, and join in the convo!  You’ll have fun while learning and being in community with your peers.

WoVO member, and content marketing specialist Pamela Muldoon is our moderator/organizer/and keeper of metrics.

See you this Wednesday!




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