Taking the “Free” Out of Freelance

Futurists generously predict the move to a “gig” or freelance economy. That doesn’t mean your clients get your work for free. Here’s a look at putting some teeth into freelance.

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We Are Not Alone

Voice Actors are but one small corner of the freelance universe both cursed and blessed with internet disruption. Photographers might have gone through the biggest change over the last decade.  Add to that publishers, authors, graphics artists, and consultants.  The... read more

Reddit Razzing

Last week’s blogs were the intellectual overflow of VO Atlanta.  When you’re around that much inspiration, the mind just churns with ideas.And while the blog saw one of the highest readerships EVAR last week…there wasn’t universal agreement to... read more

Let’s Chat About Rates

Voice actors are known for their supportive and enabling acts of kindness.  As a community, most other freelance professionals don’t come close.  But in one realm, voiceover talents keep their cards close to the vest. Rates. It’s not that we wouldn’t... read more

What Others Think/Say About Us

We get myopic after a while.  Jaded.  We see everything through our own filter. WE know what voice-acting and voiceovers is all about…but does everybody ELSE really get it?  How often do you find yourself explaining to a new client why you’re charging... read more

Don’t Discount Your Rates….Unless

As freelance voice-actors we struggle and wring our hands over pricing our services…at least most of us do, and usually when we’re first finding our way in this business. Later, we come to realize the power of  saying “no”, the magic of setting... read more

Outsource Options

When you think about it…that’s what WE do.  Voice actors become an outsource, or outside resource for people looking to finish a certain product or project.  They seek our services because they don’t have the talent in-house to get it done. Smart! ... read more

Rates Rebound

Mention VO rates, and you’re bound to get a vibrant response.  Such was the case with yesterday’s blog “Low-Balling Liability?” Certain topical touchpoints in voice acting seem to hit a nerve, no matter how often they’re mentioned in... read more

Giving Voice to Your Invoice

The invoice is admittedly one of the most important documents your voice-over business will generate.  Not just because you want to be paid, but because it’s an extension of your brand, your business savvy, and your bookkeeping practices…and ultimately... read more

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