We Are Not Alone

by | Sep 19, 2016 | Freelance

Voice Actors are but one small corner of the freelance universe both cursed and blessed with internet disruption.

Photographers might have gone through the biggest change over the last decade.  Add to that publishers, authors, graphics artists, and consultants.  The list goes on.

All have had to find their way through the mine field of change.  That means taking advantage of new opportunities, yes, but also dealing with new technologies,  and all new paradigms of doing business.  But most of all, the lot of us are wrestling with sweeping changes in compensation rates…confounded by an expanding global marketplace, and in many cases, an online open-bidding process for service-related talent.

Luckily, online resources for freelancers are numerous.  Sure, some are specific for other artist endeavours, but you’ll notice the similarity in their plight across the spectrum.  That’s especially true for freelancers sharing their wisdom on business practices, and holding the line on rates.

Mind you, I’m not talking about ODesk, or Thumbtack, or Fiverr, Guru, Elance, or other sites that claim help freelancers find jobs, but instead dumb-down their business in a bidding war.  Below, check out some of the online freelance sources I’ve regularly referred to in recent years, and feel free to add your own!


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