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by | Apr 17, 2013 | Freelance, Web/Tech

outsourceWhen you think about it…that’s what WE do.  Voice actors become an outsource, or outside resource for people looking to finish a certain product or project.  They seek our services because they don’t have the talent in-house to get it done.

Smart!  We become part of their team…through hard work we provide a solution they can rely on time and again…creating a trust relationship.

So now, my question:  How often do YOU outsource?

On some things I have to.  On others, I’m willing to suffer the learning curve.  But like most businesses, when I MUST get it done quickly and done well, I’m seeking a specialty service so I can outsource the job.

I’ve learned to outsource the labor-intensive bookkeeping effort it takes to keep my accounting in order.  Likewise, the deep details of running, hosting, and troubleshooting this blog are left to a trusted expert in that field.

On the other hand, I do my own Social Media Marketing, my own editing, writing, and my own database creation, but not graphics creation.

It’s probably not a bad idea to keep some lists and contact information of people you may need in a pinch.  Back in May of 2011 I blogged NEED HELP EDITING?  The resources mentioned in that list are still available for work,

Here’s a new one I had not hear of before:  ProofListening.com.

The proof listener – Loretta Martin — wrote me that: “…I do not narrate, edit audio tracks, or critique reading styles. My service is designed to help ensure clean, word-perfect files that meet all specs and QC requirements (for example, the “retail-ready” demands of ACX).  Because my editorial and copyediting experience includes proofreading classical music scores, I bring sharp ears and sharp eyes to the table. I also have basic audio editing skills (so I know what to listen for).”

So Martin fills a very specific niche for outsourcing.  Please feel free to give her a call if you need this service.

I find it interesting that as the voice-over business grows, more and more such specific genres are popping up.  We as freelancers, can help other freelancers who specialize in a service we may need.  It’s all good!




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