Don’t Discount Your Rates….Unless

by | Aug 30, 2013 | Freelance, Pricing

rates-cAs freelance voice-actors we struggle and wring our hands over pricing our services…at least most of us do, and usually when we’re first finding our way in this business.

Later, we come to realize the power of  saying “no”, the magic of setting rates to match our worth, and the respect we gain from clients for explaining our rates, and sticking to them.

I’ve read at least 36,598 threads in  social media forums on this topic and seen the spectrum of human emotion in them.  They run the gamut from Union supporters, Fi-Core people, capitalists, lasses-faire believers, and diehard independents.

I’ve come to believe that on the subject of free-lance voice-over rates, there IS no rule-book, and there are no right or wrong answers (for the most part).

Figure it out for yourself to the point where you’re happy with it, then stick to your guns.  But do yourself the favor of revisiting your pricing once in a while.

Frankly, I wish I’d written the blog article I’m about to point you to.

It’s just too good not to share, and I’m not so proud that I HAVE to write my own version.

It’s called:  8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Discount Your Freelancing Rates and 4 Reasons Why You Might Want to.

It’s written by freelance writer Laura Spencer for

BTW, you might want to bookmark….it’s a great resource with many good articles.

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