New WoVO Rates Roundtable TODAY…

by | May 3, 2016 | Compensation, Pricing

GVAACrest-post…and it’s a free live Webinar to the first 100 visitors!
We’re gonna knock this one out of the park, ’cause our stellar panel is from the GVAA – Global Voice Acting Academy.

Cristina Milizia, GVAA Founder, and her team of professional coaches just came out with a new Rates Resource Guide.  They did their research.  Talked to countless pros, poured through available rate tables, asked lots of questions, and compiled their guide into an easy-to-understand resource that’s free for all voice actors.

Our WoVO-sponsored Rates Roundtable on the GVAA rates guide is scheduled for Wednesday, May 4th, 2016 at 11am Pacific. 
Click on THIS link to join for free:  Again, our limit of attendees is 100, so try to make it on time!  If not, we’ll be recording the event, and posting it later in a number of online places (it’d be hard to miss).  Attendees will be able to suggest questions depending on time.

The panel consists of:
Cristina Milizia
David Rosenthal
David Toback
Steven Jay Cohen
Jay Preston
Marielle Nuval

co-host Anne Ganguzza
co-host Dave Courvoisier

I hope we can cram into one hour all the information we hope to glean from this team on the new guide they’ve put together!  You’ll find out their methods for organizing this guide, and how it’s a “living document” that depends on constant updating (from people like you) to keep it current.
Hope you’ll join us tomorrow!




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