Truly, the sheer amount of wisdom freely shared in this Rates Roundtable is impressive. 

As promised, we spent plenty of time talking about the range of prices you should expect to pay for a session of VO coaching, or for a completed Commercial demo.  But our conversation in this hour also touched on many of the tangential issues you’d expect from this group of experts:

  • where to find copy?
  • how to qualify whether you’re ready for a demo?
  • record at home or in the demo studio?
  • do demo producers accept payments?
  • how many sessions to complete a demo?
  • is a demo producer also a director?

In that sense, then we turned the standard concept for Rates Roundtable on its ear.  Again, here’s the list off experts who contributed to this discussion:

  • Cliff Zellman
  • Dan Friedman
  • Elaine Clark
  • Harry Dunn
  • Eric Romanowski
  • Gabrielle Nistico

Your co-hosts are Anne Ganguzza and Dave Courvoisier.

Please feel free to share the link for the video below.  Thanks to our panel for their willingness to share!





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