Latest Rates Roundtable – Feb 2017

by | Feb 9, 2017 | Rates Roundtable

This one’s a gem, folks.

I know I probably say something close to that for everyone RR that’s come down the pike, but the information shared on this particular panel seems to be more needed than ever.

The discussion went way beyond the scary realities of downward-trending compensation rates, and into the territory of good business practices, relationship tips, sensibleĀ suggestions for overcoming the objection, and some common sense recommendations for all levels of talent in our community.

Again, our experienced panel of experts consists of:

  • Erik Sheppard (Voice Talent Productions agency)
  • Andrea Beane (AB2 Agency)
  • David Rosenthal (GVAA)
  • Anthony Gettig (awesome Michigan voice talent)
  • Connie Terwilliger (awesome San Diego voice talent)
  • Kim Handysides (awesome Canadian voice talent)
  • Co-hosts Anne Ganguzza and Dave Courvoisier

The recording runs almost exactly an hour, and I guarantee, it will not be a wasted 60 minutes.

Very grateful to the panelists who volunteered their time and knowledge!





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