December 2016 WoVO Rates Roundtable

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Listening to our astute panel for the December WoVO Rates Roundtable talk about the realities of being part of the Spanish-speaking and bilingual marketplace, I was struck by the sameness of their challenge for all voice-actors.

Target audience
Client relations
Fair compensation

…it’s all there.

World-Voices Organization especially feels an acute need to be aware of these issues for people who speak something other than North American English.  WoVO was born in the USA, but our fortunes lie in a global marketplace.  We now have native speakers from many countries and the issues they face, are the issues this panel faces.

Huge kudos to the participants for this valuable discussion:

Simone Fojgiel
Daniel (Eduardo) Hurst
Rosi Amador
Faith Cruz
Brian Amador
Juana Plata
Alfonso Lugo

Antonio Fornaris of Puerto Rico was to join us, but he just became a new father! (next time, Antonio!)

Please take the time to listen to the hour-long conversation by clicking on the video below.  Thanks, everyone!






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