December 2016 WoVO Rates Roundtable

. Listening to our astute panel for the December WoVO Rates Roundtable talk about the realities of being part of the Spanish-speaking and bilingual marketplace, I was struck by the sameness of their challenge for all voice-actors. Target audience Client relations... read more

Ennouncing E-Spano

Voice actors around the world share the same challenges.  They just do it in a different language, with a different culture, different compensation rates, and often a different expectation from the client.  While Neutral North American English is needed for projects... read more

International Payments

A couple of my recent blogs are getting long-tail readers.First, was my post of last August on GETTING PAID DIGITALLY.  The article offers five solutions for securely making digital transactions (esp. being paid) using relatively new services like Square, Venmo, and... read more

New R.A.D.A.R. Rates Roundtable (a really good’n)

Remember I told you in yesterday’s blog that a blue-ribbon panel of experts would join us in a conversation about international and foreign VO rates?Well, here it is…and the panel shared a darn sight more wisdom that I ever bargained for — far beyond... read more

Are You Voicing Globally?

No, I’m not bilingual, or trilingual.  Maybe if I was, I’d have twice or triple the work.  Actually, I don’t see my bilingual friends working twice as much, but there certainly is twice the potential.Besides, you don’t have to be bilingual to... read more

Spanish Moves

People wonder why we named the new VoiceOver Industry Trade Association World-Voices Organization.  We knew the world was getting smaller, and the global voice-over community was finding its collective consciousness. Just days ago, I wrote of Simone Fojgiel’s... read more

Language #2

My father (a native French-speaker or Francophone) spoke NO French around the house, ’cause he was trying to achieve acceptance as an American, and because that’s the way it was back then. For the first 17 years of my life, I pronounced my last name as... read more


You wanna talk the global nature of the voice over business? I found the ultimate example (and it’s not Bodalgo). Meet…a site that has yet to reach full functionality. So, why would I say it’s a global site?  Because even in... read more

Getting Dialectic

Very few of us can carry off an absolutely believable accent for some regionalism of our own language, much less that of another.   The key is:  could you fool a native of Mobile, Alabama with a Southern Accent, or would someone from Liverpool, buy your variation on... read more

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