Ennouncing E-Spano

by | May 9, 2016 | International

LOGO E-SPANOVoice actors around the world share the same challenges.  They just do it in a different language, with a different culture, different compensation rates, and often a different expectation from the client.  While Neutral North American English is needed for projects all over the world, in the USA itself, the Spanish language continues its spread.

One of the most influential Spanish-speaking voice talents I know of — a force of independence and enterprise all her own — is Simone Fojgiel.  Although Uruguayan, her advocacy for Spanish-speaking voice actors of all dialects is impressive.

Now, she’s launched her own site to reach some goals important for the entire Spanish-speaking community: E-SPANO.COM.  Itse-spano mission is stated clearly on the home page:   “E-Spano is the first voice agency dedicated to Spanish Voice Over talents with special experience narrating for the E-Learning Industry”

Simone tells me: “…the whole purpose of this new project, is to elevate the quality of Spanish Voice Over Services for this explosive industry…”

Search for male and/or female voices right there on the site.  Connect with people hiring voices through the service.  Simple and powerful.

Click HERE to read E-Spano’s official news release.

Click HERE to see Simone’s LinkedIn Page for E-Spano

I’ve promised Simone we’d do a video interview about this, and so we will.  SOON.

A project like this must’ve included about a million details, more than a few dollars, patience, and passion.  I can’t think of anyone who could carry that off more than Ms. Fojgiel.  Congrats, Simone!




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