New R.A.D.A.R. Rates Roundtable (a really good’n)

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globeRemember I told you in yesterday’s blog that a blue-ribbon panel of experts would join us in a conversation about international and foreign VO rates?

Well, here it is…and the panel shared a darn sight more wisdom that I ever bargained for — far beyond the topic and back.

World-Voices Organization is proud to present these online forums for free in the spirit of educating and edifying the VO community beyond just our membership…a rising tide raises all boats, ya know.

My co-host Anne Ganguzza and I welcomed to the conversation people from at least 6 countries (at one time in their lives), and here’s the guest list:

Yeni Alvarez
Simone Fojgiel
Dan Hurst
Cristina Milizia
Darren Altman
Mehmet Onur
Deb Munro

This was truly a deep, wide, and rich trove of VO treasure, and I hope you find the time to listen to it ALL…just under one hour.  Our conversation verged into territory of

  • international rates
  • finding foreign jobs
  • which countries/jobs to avoid
  • how to manage payment
  • cultural differences
  • building trust
  • comparing rates
  • upfront payment
  • much much more!

Thanks to all who participated!





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