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directvoicesYou wanna talk the global nature of the voice over business?

I found the ultimate example (and it’s not Bodalgo).

Meet…a site that has yet to reach full functionality.

So, why would I say it’s a global site?  Because even in development, the team producing the site works from France, Ecduador, the Phillipines, and North America (maybe other countries).

What is DirectVoices?  A new way to connect voice talent to voice seekers, but its founder and visionary — Constantino de Miguel —  NOT on the P2P model, rather, voice talents will have DIRECT contact with voice seekers, that’s why the name DirectVoices.

To me, Constantino is a kindred spirit.  He is a tri-lingual news broadcaster operating out of Lyon, France, providing stories to Latin America, China, and the U.S.  He is a coach, and a producer, and of late has discovered the side-career of voice acting (sound familiar?), and in his peripatetic creativeness… launched into some months ago.  It’s an ambitious undertaking.

You can go to the site right now and sign-up for the eventual true launch.  There’s already quite a bit of good information on the site, and merely from a web-production standpoint, the DirectVoices seems quite professional.

I sat down for a one-on-one with Constan just the other day on Skype, and I must say his unassuming and confident style makes me even more of a believer in his vision.

I asked him a lot about DirectVoices, yes, but in this interview you will also find out much about the changing nature of the international VO market, and Constan also discusses the challenges of remote recording in European countries with a mobile set-up.  It’s really a very engaging interview.

Thanks, Constantino!

Here’s the interview:

DirectVoices from Dave Courvoisier on Vimeo.




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  1. jennifer dixon

    Thank you Dave for keeping me up to date with the world of voices.This is very interesting. Have a great day!

    • CourVO

      You are most welcome, Jennifer. I’m glad you keep coming by!

      Dave C

  2. Debbie Irwin

    Charming interview!

    Will be interesting to see how this works out….
    There are sites like Guru, where you bid on projects– publicly….

    The notion of instant VO (I’m online now and ready to record!), is a bit stressful in concept. Not unlike how quickly one is forced to respond on certain P2P sites in order to be heard before scores of auditions come pouring in.

    With the rapid growth of all these VO sites,
    is it conceivable that there will be a bubble in this market?!

    Friday night musings…. thanks as always, Dave, for bringing us up to the minute news!


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