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Fool Me Once…

Some CEO’s should really not attempt their own PR…especially if they’ve already been burned once. Nonetheless, here’s the painful video evidence.

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Outspoken Spot On

Online casting sites might be here to stay, but that doesn’t mean we should participate in the abuse certain P2P’s bring on our business.

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They Come & They Go

Over the years a good many well-meaning (and not-so-well meaning) enterprises have tried to capitalize on the community of voice actors. Many are still trying.  Few are legitimate. voicechasers VoiceOverDirectory voice jockey voice bunny voiceperminute... read more

What Will the Online Casting Site of the Future Look Like?

Present successes of sites like and Voice123 notwithstanding… we have to remember that they are only the vanguard; the first foray into a new paradigm.  Enterprising and lucrative as they are, I believe history will show they were clunky,... read more

Keeping it Simple

More and more of the frustration I’m hearing about with (ahem) a certain online VO casting site has to do with the level of complexity that’s been added into the mix over the years.  People complain that it’s hard to follow the bouncing... read more

But Wait!…There’s More!

Scores?…Hundreds? watched yesterday as Edge Studio’s Managing Director Graeme Spicer conducted a face-to-face interview with’s CEO David Ciccarelli. Cicacrelli and Spicer know each other, live in the same city, and there are close ties... read more

Do This…

…watch Tuesday’s Edge Studio-sponsored interview with’s CEO David Ciccarelli. Graeme Spicer, Edge Studio’s Managing Director will conduct the interview in Toronto. Spicer is a World-Voices pro member, an accomplished voice-actor,... read more


Did you get this email too?  Apparently somewhere along the line, I must’ve expressed an interest in knowing more about this proposed VO casting site. Now they want to know if my interest is serious. From the email: “As we gravitate to finalizing the... read more

P2P SlideShare

Are you familiar with SlideShare? Acquired by LinkedIn not that long ago, SlideShare is an online service that lets you share your presentations.  Upload or download in almost any format  (Keynote, PowerPoint, etc), and share to almost anywhere.  The... read more

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