Will CourVO Make it on COVOCO?

by | May 7, 2018 | Subscription Services

ALL  I know about COVOCO is here – in their slick and ubiquitous Press Release.

Well, that’s not exactly true.  Being curious, I DID go through their online process for signing up as a voice talent.

I must admit their UX (hot new term for “User Experience” that everybody seems to be using), is very intuitive, and slick, and fast.

Their “about” page says:  

“…We are a global team of voice artists, content creators, designers, software developers & data scientists with the sole mission to evolve & disrupt how the world’s most innovative artists, creators, producers, advertisers, publishers & companies Create Content in this digital age…”


“…Covoco was built on the belief that it should be easy & simple to find, hire & work seamlessly with Talented Voice-Over Professionals, in any language & accent, from anywhere in the world, on-demand, at any scale and at a fair price point.

It should be easy for voice talent to leverage our platform and technology to easily audition and sell their voice to clients & creators from any location. Their talent should matter, not their location.

They should be able to create a constant source of earnings with their voice.

They should be empowered to live & work from wherever they want and still make a living doing something they love…”

Wow!  Fancy-sounding words, eh?


…simplified usage rights and simplified pricing. Payment protection. Track payables. Have these guys thought of everything? Click To Tweet


Someone spent a lot of money on this website, and thought of most everything that stalls an onboarding procedure.  

There seems to be no cost for talent .  It has an international flavor.  They use PayPal.  They claim to put together producer and talent without getting in the middle of things, and being heavy-handed. Their site shows a lot of smartphone interface, but I couldn’t find an iPhone app anywhere under Covoco. You apparently get to send custom auditions. They claim simplified usage rights and simplified pricing.  Payment protection. Track payables. Have these guys thought of everything?

From the looks of their slick FAQ, it would seem they use an “intelligent matching engine” for auto-invites.  OK, so it has an AI system of matching talent to clients.  They ask for a qualifying audition to get started.  Clients pay per project (this must be how they make money?)

Honestly, I found little to complain about except I have no idea the people behind this outfit (I’m sorry, that’s important), and there is no track record of compensation rates, quality of voice-seekers, activity levels, and no idea how far they’ve marketed this site beyond about a gazillion PR Websites in the last few days.  There IS a  “simplified duration-based” pricing calculator that returned a price of $80 for a North American voice for a 30-second…er…something.  Oh, and their promotional video on the site is really cheesy, with the feature voice actor using a side-adddress mic from the top.

What am I missing?  Does ANYONE know ANYTHING more about these guys?




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