Yesterday, Dominoes…Today Shuffling Cards

by | Sep 14, 2017 | Subscription Services, Web Resources

We’re not alone.

You and me…voice actors who believe there might be a chance at decent compensation rates, and online casting NOT dominated by VDC.

When folded into the evil empire, it prompted a lot of scurrying around in our community for the last month.  I painted a rather dire picture yesterday of dominoes being set up for the fall.

Today, new information that plenty of well-meaning and enterprising people are reshuffling the deck to adjust AGAINST the VDC juggernaut, and might just deal a hand that will succeed.

I suspect they’re not the only ones working on alternatives. has plans.  Big plans.  And they want to share their ideas with the community.  Try to look past the fact that they are ALSO a Canadian company.  They seem to have a more realistic view of voice-actors as colleagues, not a commodity.


Here are some excerpts from a couple of emails being passed around explaining their thrust in the marketplace:

 We are  We are not talent agents or producers. We do not compete with you, nor would we want to. We are a data management company. Our job is to provide the ability for you to do your job.

 My husband is a long-standing talent agent. He has voiced to me his concerns about the company taking over his current voice casting site. He questions their intentions and wonders how a company with such a radically different business model will change what has been a reliable delivery vehicle for auditions for two decades

 We are creating a site for you. It will have all of the capability you currently enjoy plus more. We will keep costs low for you and we will provide a safe place for you to interact.

 You can use this site as your data storage space or you can simply upload data as you require. Again, it’s entirely up to you.

 We will provide the ability for producers to post requirements and for agents to respond and offer suggested talent. It will be seamless.

Apparently, the company has shared their vision with some big talent agencies already, and will be having another webinar this coming Monday.  The website allows you to sign up for that webinar.  Here’s more:

 We’re revolutionizing the voice industry, making it easier and faster to find and hire the very best voice talent in North America. Our site, which launches December 1, 2017 will be driven by technology, but our advisory board will consist of voice professionals chosen by their peers, to ensure that we remain true to the spirit of the industry. If your company is looking for the very best in voice talent, for any project, visit www.vcb.oi after November 1st. If you’re in the business and would like to learn more about what we’re planning, visit and sign up for our next Webinar.

You are invited to a webinar on Monday, September 18th at 3PM EDT, where we will walkthroughthe demo, answer any questions and where we will ask for your input so that we can make this the best voice talent site for professionals.

I have not secured their permission to divulge names or contact information, but I doubt they’d mind my spreading the word about their website and their upcoming webinar.  Nor is this an endorsement.  But I must admit to some enthusiasm for an enterprise that hopes to reshuffle the deck against the 
other company from Canada that’s been cheating at cards for quite some time now.






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