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by | Mar 23, 2016 | International

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A couple of my recent blogs are getting long-tail readers.

First, was my post of last August on GETTING PAID DIGITALLY.  The article offers five solutions for securely making digital transactions (esp. being paid) using relatively new services like Square, Venmo, and PayPalHere.

The other article still getting significant readership was titled: ARE YOU VOICING GLOBALLY? from January of this year.  The thing about engaging international customers is navigating the sometimes-dicey realm of foreign payments and pay services not familiar to American talent. 

You should watch the Rates Roundtable discussing this very thing to learn more:

One of the people who noticed those blogs was a guy working for an agency representing American Express.  He directed me to an international payment solution I had not heard of, and (of course) it was an American Express service.  AMEXCO has been losing out to VISA and MasterCard in the US retail world lately (they charge the store a higher percentage), but for international travel, or travel in general, American Express is unsurpassed in it’s reach, and customer service.

To use this payment solution, you don’t need to be an AMEXCO customer, it offers competitive exchange rates, there’s no set-up fee, and…well…there’s that legendary 24-hour American Express support.

Here’s the link:

I’m not endorsing, only suggesting that a familiar, reliable company may just take the angst out of an international transaction when you most need it.




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