August Rates Roundtable by WoVO® Examines VoiceBank Buyout

by | Aug 15, 2017 | Rates Roundtable,

Please clear an hour to watch this Rates Roundtable.

Our panel:

  • Moderator J Michael Collins
  • Co-hosts Anne Ganguzza and Dave Courvoisier
  • Paul Strikwerda
  • Paul Pape
  • Mary Lynn Wissner
  • Liz Atherton
  • Vanessa Gilbert
  • Bev Standing
  • Rob Sciglimpaglia

This edition of Rates Roundtable sponsored by WoVO®, marks two years of steady episodes of our Zoom sessions dealing with the subject of compensation.

This one focuses more on the ethics and the consequences of VDC’s buyout of VoiceBank…and explores some alternatives.

WoVO® appreciates the time and commitment of our panelists in this recording.




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