To be charming takes energy.  At a conference like this, I’m nothing if not charming (I hope)…. but for this introvert, it IS exhausting.

Nonetheless at very turn there is a new/old friend, a nugget  to be gleaned, a relationship to forge, and a lesson to learn.

There were so many General Sessions and X-Sessions offered you could almost trip over them walking to the restroom.

I listened in on Tim Keenan and Anne Ganguzza’s tutorial on corporate cllients, a panel on Radio imaging and Promo, Tom Pinto’s session on self-direcion, and a “Meet the Pros” panel, in-between a million hallway conversations, some Live-streaming videos to the WoVO Members FB group, and lots of thankyou’s to those who are regular blog readers.

Tomorrow, WoVO presents its Rates Roundtable on “Should voice-actors share their rates; Why or Why not?”.  Panelists include David Rosenthal, Ramesh Mahtani, Sean Caldwell, Gabby Nistico, Brad Newman.

You can see some of my encounters in the pics below, including the keynote by Towsend Coleman, the gnrl session on corporate narration by Tim Keenan and Anne Ganguzza and others.

We work in an honorable profession with many giving colleagues.  That much I know for sure.




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