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by | May 6, 2014 | Interview

vobuzz-dave…and  maybe it’s more than you ever wanted to know about/from Dave Courvoisier.

But when I look back on the interview I did with Stacey and Chuck on VO Buzz Weekly, I realized there’s really some good stuff in there!  That’s why it they made it a two-parter, I guess.

Again, I sing the praises of these two dynamic hosts.  They knew all the right questions to ask…were patient when I ran-off at the mouth, and they conduct a very high-production video program.  I was honored to be a part.

Click here for the VO Buzz Weekly episode page.  Part two of my interview is episode #116.

You can read a quick write-up about this episode here.

As the article says — and as luck would have it on the heels of our extremely successful WoVOCon event this last weekend — I get the chance to talk about the need for an industry trade association like WoVO, among a few other things in this interview:

“…Dave Courvoisier explains the origin and mission of World Voices Organization and how you can get involved with it. He tells how he got into broadcasting and why he decided to start a career in the voiceover business. Dave discusses the ways his background in broadcasting helps him in voice over and shares some of his favorite tech choices for home studios, mobile recording and software.

Dave offers more marketing tips and strategies and the benefits of getting coaching and attending VO conferences. You’ll learn more about the groups Dave supports that help children and the ways that he has been advocating for disadvantaged children for decades. The episode closes with some sage advice Dave got along the way that has helped him in his life and career…”

Thanks Chuck & Stacey…your show is awesome, and so are you guys!




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