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Florida VO Resources is one of the more vibrant of the many local-area mastermind or VO sharing groups.  I don’t live in Central Florida, but the people there made me an honorary member, and I’ve learned a lot from their community.

One of their members – David Winograd – asked me about a month ago to join them for an hour in January and talk about voice over stuff, including World-Voices Organization.  I agreed without knowing I’d be taken away to Illinois at the time for the funeral of my aunt.  Needing a diversion from the maudlin details of handling an estate, and moving a deceased relative out of their apartment in a rushed weekend, I decided to keep my appointment nonetheless.

Joined by some members of the group in a Zoom session, I sat and talked about my career, the challenge of rates, WoVO, my book, the VO community, and many other topics….maybe more than they bargained for.

Anyway, I’m back from frozen central Illinois… a little introspective tonight from the passing of my last remaining aunt, and to save you the depressing mindset, I thought I’d just go ahead and post the audio of our discussion in the FLAVOR group.  Regular readers of this blog will recognize a few of the themes I hammer away at on this site.  But there were some interesting questions from the members, and Winograd makes some excellent points in his give ‘n’ take with me as well.

Dave Courvoisier from Flavor Florida Area VO Resources on Vimeo.

Looking forward to a great week ahead!




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