Ball ‘n’ Chain

by | Jun 23, 2014 | ipDTL, ISDN, Source-Connect, Webinar

ballnchaiinMy ISDN lines were installed 5 years ago.  I was giddy when my Telos XStream codec arrived.  When I have a session, I’m grateful for the technology, but honestly…I’m starting to see ISDN as a ball ‘n’ chain.

You know me…I like cutting edge.  When I see something waning into oblivion…I want out.  That’s how I feel about ISDN these days.

And why not?  The replacement broadband technologies are impressive, reliable, easy to use, have higher bit-rates, and are significantly more inexpensive.

Don’t believe me?  Do your own research:
SoureConnect NOW


Let someone else do the work.  You pay an embarrassingly low fee, and for an hour-and-a-half watch as Home Studio Master Dan Lenard and I do a side-by-side comparison, conduct live interview the principles of each company, and take questions.

Piece o’ cake!

Click here to get more info and register.

Don’t wait though, ’cause it’s tomorrow, Tuesday, June 24th at noon PST.

See ya there!




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