ipDTL Improvements

What? You think any remote connection service as advanced as ipDTL is gonna sit on their hands? Not a chance. See what you’ve been missing.

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ipDTL at NAB

The folks at in:Quality did it up right for the big NAB show.  Kevin Leach bought a nice big booth in the North Hall with excellent visibility and steady foot traffic. Upon arriving, I was happy to see any number of Vegas-based voice talent manning the booth,... read more

ipDTL Update

…and so begins a new year.  I’ll be cranking up the blog as usual beginning today…but I gotta say, taking about 10 days off from nearly every grow-up responsibility was SO WONDERFUL!!! January is my toughest month of the year, no doubt. ... read more

Rast Ich, So Rost Ich

“When I rest, I rust” That old German proverb is a great rule of thumb for your VO business, but today I use it to throw some praise in the direction of In:Quality — the maker of ipDTL — and in particular its founder Kevin Leach. Apparently... read more

No Flowers Please…

…just send donations to the next-gen technology company that will inherit ISDN’s faithful. Yesterday well-known production house ProComm Voice Talent delivered a message to its member talent that it was transitioning away from reliance on ISDN (by the end... read more

Why I Sold My ISDN Codec

It hurt.  But I did it.  Part of the reason was because I wasn’t getting enough use out of it to justify the cost.  But the rest of the reason has to do with my saving face.  After all, I ballyhoo’d the death of ISDN on the pages of... read more


The cooler heads were right…..back then.Years ago, when I began blogging of the impending death of ISDN, there were plenty of people around to tell me the end of that technology was still far away.They were right, and I was right.  It WAS the beginning of... read more

ipDTL/ISDN Test Offer

The innovation and work that continually goes into making ipDTL the all-around solution for studio-quality client/peer/producer connectivity astounds me.Kevin Leach and his team not only make a robust and stable product, but they seem to be able to anticipate quite... read more

Deal Breaker

Sometimes an idea comes along that just makes us all do a face-plant, and say:  “Of course!…Perfect!”Kevin Leach — the founding and creative force behind ipDTL — and  his development team, just launched what could be the... read more

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