ipDTL/ISDN Test Offer

by | Feb 12, 2016 | ipDTL

Network cableThe innovation and work that continually goes into making ipDTL the all-around solution for studio-quality client/peer/producer connectivity astounds me.

Kevin Leach and his team not only make a robust and stable product, but they seem to be able to anticipate quite well where the digital voice-over marketplace is heading…sometimes before the rest of us see it.

As you probably know, ipDTL moved the obsolescence of ISDN ahead a few notches when it included ISDN-calling capability in it’s latest offering.  THAT functionality was a direct build off its “TEL” feature — allowing for phone patch virtually worldwide.

Now, the final adjustments of that ISDN capability from within ipDTL is underway.  For those who didn’t see Leach’s announcement in the ipDTL Users FB group, here is his latest missive:

We’ve been doing a lot of work here on our latest update which includes the full release of the ISDN functionality. It’s now just a few tweaks away from release. 

I’d like to invite you to play with the new site and let us know if you find anything broken. We’re not looking for feature suggestions or improvements at this stage (we have plenty of these!), just to know that everything works at least as smoothly as you’ve come to expect. 

You can preview the update at https://test.ipdtl.com 

We’re also adding a new Day Pass feature which allows you to buy 24 hour access for two users, including a 2 hour ISDN call. If you’d like to buy a day pass and test it, I’ll happily add double the price of your purchase as a credit to your ipDTL account to offset the cost of future subscription payments.

Leach didn’t actually give approval for me to bring this offer to the un-anointed, but I hardly believe he would be upset if this blog article brought him a few new subscriptions.  Just in case, though, be sure to contact him for permission to get that day pass if you are not in that ipDTL Users FB group.

Even before these latest improvements, the accolades about ipDTL’s ISDN solution got rave reviews.  I can only imagine that this generation of their product is a winner.

Nice work, Kevin!




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