Rast Ich, So Rost Ich

by | Nov 14, 2016 | ipDTL, VO Business

ipdtl-lp-pogo“When I rest, I rust”

That old German proverb is a great rule of thumb for your VO business, but today I use it to throw some praise in the direction of In:Quality — the maker of ipDTL — and in particular its founder Kevin Leach.

Apparently that adage is not lost on this innovative UK company which hasn’t sat on its laurels since debuting the IP-based remote recording service 3 years ago.

And really, they can’t rest.  The competition and advances in this realm (especially with ISDN in acute decline) are formidable.

Source-Elements had a sizeable lead and market share in this area when ipDTL launched.  But ipDTL has made creative advancements and has constantly added features in a short history.  I would be at a loss to offer a chronology of all those changes, and it doesn’t matter anyway…because ipDTL’s Gold subscription level is out now as a 3rd anniversary update, and it’s loaded with advancements.

  • Connect to multiple remote locations (SIlver or Gold subscription required).
  • Mix and record both the local and incoming audio in ipDTL’s VIrtual Mixer.
  • Audio output device selection and level meter.
  • Fresh new interface, taking the familar layout and making it even more intuitive.
  • Advanced mixer (beta) with additional output routing for Gold accounts. (demo)

Please click here to see the announcement, specs, and links.

Also, see this quick demo video produced by ipDTL with the help of US voice talent Lance Blair and Jan Anderson that shows some of the principal improvements.

Clearly, In:Quality is NOT resting!




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