Browser issues are legendary.  And there are so many now!

 I’ve been using Vivaldi a lot. It’s built on Opera, which is it’s own browser. Of course there’s Google Chrome, MS Edge, Apple Safarai, and Firefox, and Yandex (if you wanna go there).

 ‘Point being is that with all the browser wars, there’s plenty of updates, upgrades, versions, and tweaks alla time.

 This is a challenge for software developers running extensions and plug-ins ON TOP OF those browser platforms.  

An optimized-for-ipDTL browser version of Chromium! Click To Tweet

 I’m thinking that source of frustration led In:Quality founder Kevin Leach to seek a locked-in solution to run his ipDTL software.  Like Source-Connect Now, ipDTL seems to run best on the Google Chrome (or Chromium) browser. Now, ipDTL has developed its own version of the browser to stabilize and standardize the ipDTL ecosystem.  It’s available for free to Windows and Mac users.

 An optimized-for-ipDTL browser version of Chromium!


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