Source-Elements at NAB

Robert Marshall is a genius with a Beatles haircut.  It works for him…the haircut…AND the brains.  I sought out his humble booth at NAB, because I know he’s always improving the Source-Elements prodigious product line…and would have news to... read more

No Flowers Please…

…just send donations to the next-gen technology company that will inherit ISDN’s faithful. Yesterday well-known production house ProComm Voice Talent delivered a message to its member talent that it was transitioning away from reliance on ISDN (by the end... read more

Why I Sold My ISDN Codec

It hurt.  But I did it.  Part of the reason was because I wasn’t getting enough use out of it to justify the cost.  But the rest of the reason has to do with my saving face.  After all, I ballyhoo’d the death of ISDN on the pages of this blog for years.... read more


The cooler heads were right…..back then.Years ago, when I began blogging of the impending death of ISDN, there were plenty of people around to tell me the end of that technology was still far away.They were right, and I was right.  It WAS the beginning of the... read more

Next WoVOChat: ISDN vs. IP Alternatives

Ya live long enough, and you start to see evidence of the (mostly) subtle and unrelenting march of change.  Within science and technology that march is double-time.  And yet, some once-revolutionary/now-aged technologies are hard to upend. Why do we still have FAXes? ... read more

My SIP “Brother”…

[…and by “SIP”…I’m not referring to alcoholic beverages] See?…this is what I love about writing a blog AND being in such a helpful community of freelance voice-actors!  Read on: Back in July of last year, I wrote another in a long... read more

Source Connect Updates

Sometimes you just hafta sally forth and ask, instead of sitting around waiting for answers to come to you. So…I asked.  I asked Rebekah Wilson of Source-Elements about the Holiday flyer she sent out.  It had all sorts of good news about Source-Connect Beta... read more

THIS is why studios don’t want to relinquish their ISDN

As voice talent, we see a simplistic view of the distance remote-recording transaction.  The producer or audio engineer contacts us, we talk into the mic, they record it…we dust off our hands, and are done.  That’s why the ISDN alternative technologies... read more

A Correction in the Marketplace

Put your ear to the railroad track, and you can hear it coming.  Bobbin Beam’s great article of this week on “HELLO??? WHERE IS MY TELEPHONE CALL GOING” explains so well — AGAIN– what many of us have been chronicling for years:  the... read more

One Webinar…Many Takeaways

Yesterday’s hour-and-a-half-long webinar on ISDN alternatives made me a believer…a believer that entrepreneurship is thriving… personal & passionate initiative is an unstoppable force… and innovation is alive and well in this world.... read more

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