A Correction in the Marketplace

by | Aug 29, 2014 | ipDTL, ISDN, Source-Connect, Technology

telcochangesPut your ear to the railroad track, and you can hear it coming.  Bobbin Beam’s great article of this week on “HELLO??? WHERE IS MY TELEPHONE CALL GOING” explains so well — AGAIN– what many of us have been chronicling for years:  the Internet is disrupting the comfortable state-of-affairs for communications systems, and new paradigms are emerging.

No one knows more about that than Dave Immer.  From atop his perch at Digifon, Dave has long been the go-to guy for all things respecting ISDN.  His occasional newsletters on developments in that sector are often considered the final word.

His latest missive warns of a particularly vexing reality about some of the ISDN-replacement solutions mentioned so often here and in other online sources.  Source-Connect NOW, and ipDTL are especially victim to this latest warning, as both programs rely on Google’s Chrome browser to work their magic.

From Immer’s latest newsletter on the subject:  “…recent revisions in the Chrome browser that have rendered SCN unstable according to Source-Elements…while this situation is inconvenient, it is instructive as it highlights a weakness in ‘cloud’ codecs like ipDTL and SCN that rely on a specific browser. When the browser undergoes revisions over which the codec developers have no control, suddenly those codecs can be rendered unusable…”

You can see the entire newsletter online here:  http://goo.gl/I4fW79.

I have not had the time to seek “the other side of the story” from spokesmen at ipDTL or Source-Elements, so it could be the program has already adjusted, and an update is available.

This is probably a good time to mention that another alternative in this space:  ConnectionOpen,  is not browser-specific.  ConnectionOpen IS, however, in the midst of a crowdfunding effort to revamp its presence in the market.  I have no doubt it will assert itself strongly in the post-ISDN-alternative universe.




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