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sandbaggingYup, I’ve  been holding back.

Read any of my blogs (including yesterday’s), and you know I subscribe to two hard and fast rules.
1) There are no Social Media experts (only students).
2) Things change so fast in Social Media, you almost can’t keep up.

I share a lot of Social Media stuff on this blog.  I do so because I think this realm of free online marketing is too good to pass up, and because it brings me work.  Voice-Over work.  So while it sometimes seems that I’m not writing specifically about voice overs, I actually am writing about one of the tasks that consumes much of a voice-actor’s time:  online branding.

So, yes, I share a lot…but there’s lots more TO share, and I’m sandbagging for a reason.  In less than two weeks, I’m conducting a webinar under Julie Williams‘ banner.  Julie is a long-time friend, a VO pioneer, and a savvy marketer herself.  She asked me the other day if I would share in julie williams2one of her webinar series, some tips about using Social Media to help VA’s market themselves.

20130529_112948I’ve done a lot of seminars and webinars on this topic.  Just three weeks ago, I was on a panel at APAC (Audio Publishers Association Conference), talking about Social Media Marketing…with Manners.  The room was packed to standing-room-only capacity.  Yes, there’s a hunger about this topic among voice-actors, and I love to share.

But rather than repeat myself at all these seminars, I began “sandbagging”… or holding back a few worthy tips for use in this upcoming webinar.  These are tips that reveal some of the newest features of the social networks that you can begin utilizing in your VO business right away.  I’ll be talking about some of the latest software tools I’ve found, and some new techniques that will help in qualifying some new leads in your search for prospective clients.

You may have already gotten an email blast from Julie about this, and I’ll be promoting it too (without breaking the social media spam rule), but for now, just know that the webinar will be on Tuesday, June 25th at noon PST.  That’s 3pm on the East Coast, and 2pm Central Time.

You can register for this webinar HERE.  ‘Can’t make it on that day, or at that time?  No worries!  Your $47 buy-in grants you the full downloadable recording of the whole hour-and-a-half presentation.  I’ll hold sway for the first hour, and the last half-hour is reserved for your questions.

‘Hope to see you there!






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