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by | Dec 17, 2012 | Webinar

dheere…and spend attend Tom Dheere’s VoiceOverXtra webinar TONITE (12/18/12).

I know it’s short notice, but you can make it right?

Tom is a voice actor like the rest of us…but he’s a successful voice actor ‘cause he’s devised some of the best habits I’ve ever seen for a freelancer in getting new, and keeping steady business.

I’d known Tom several years before I attended his VOICE2012 seminar in 2012. I left the session astounded at the new information I’d gleaned.  If you don’t come away with at least 5 new ideas for marketing and building your business, I’d be surprised.

Tom will give you ideas for good strategies, procedures, plans, and protocols in your daily business that will get you on track for a successful business…and then the metrics to measure your success.

He’ll share marketing systems that work…and how to execute them.

Click here to see the flyer, and to register:  VOICE OVER MARKETING, STRATEGIES AND MEASURING SUCCESS.

As part of the price of admission, you’ll get a full recording of the webinar…so just sit back and listen and learn.

I get nothing for plugging this webinar, I just believe in Tom’s system…and I know you’ll get a lot out of it.




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