Over a dozen solid voice over demo articles, suggestions and tips from our community with terrific conversations from voice over artists in the comments too!
Currently using Voicezam to organize and provide my own Voice Over Demos. There are many mediums that can serve up your Voice Over Demos from SoundCloud to YouTube to saving audio files in Wordpress and more. I've used each of these and more.

The REAL Reel

Who calls them “reels” anymore? That and other myths about voiceover demos — dashed — in this blog.

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5 Arguments Against Producing Your Own Demo

Do I have to write this blog? Apparently so.  I’ve talked to several people lately who are producing their own demos. I understand.  Cash flow ain’t flowin’ and hiring a producer costs plenty. You’ve got this hard drive full of all... read more

Have Demo, Will Travel

In a new twist to an old scam, certain demo producers are apparently willing to bring the total demo solution TO YOUR HOME! This is just so wrong on so many levels I don’t know where to start. Think I’m kidding? Notice on a San Diego Craigslist post 3... read more

5 Artful Ways to Evaluate a Colleague’s Demo

Lord knows it’s hard enough to be honest with YOURSELF about your demos.  It’s even harder to be candid, yet diplomatic with your peers when they ask you for an opinion about THEIR demo. And yet, the call eventually comes…that email with an... read more

Predatory Coaches and Demo Mills

Yin/Yang Right there are two incendiary terms.  They don’t always go hand in hand, but they rarely tell a positive story.  Oddly enough, not everyone agrees on who is or who is NOT a predatory coach.  Nor do some coaches SEE themselves as... read more

The Dry Commercial Read

A Long-time Voice Acting friend pinged me this week with a quandary he and I both found a bit confusing. Maybe you’ve seen it too when answering auditions. A hi-profile pay-to-play site includes the following nomenclature when seeking the profile information of... read more

VoiceZam Slam Dunk

Bob Merkel is the founder and force behind VoiceZam.  He and I have  never met in person.  That unfortunate circumstance will likely be remedied at FaffCon6 in San Antonio this October, but until then, there exists this comfortable fellowship that... read more