No, I can’t claim any Joe Davis*-level knowledge of SEO. 

And I also cannot assert any intellectual property rights for the resource I’m about to share with you.

Heck, I just got back from a funeral with a monster head cold (gotta love airports), so the only advice I can give with any authority is to wash your hands.  All the time.  Frequently.

That, and advice from the legendary Yogi Berra:  “…be sure to go to your friends funerals, or they won’t come to yours…”

Here’s the deal though:  I’ve mentioned before that every once in a while, I am approached by people who want to use my blog for ads, guest-articles, or kinda/sorta-but-not-really VO related topics.  Apparently there’s a bunch of people out there who get paid to find resources close to their company’s specialty, and they’re looking for broader appeal.  

I understand, but I don’t accept ads, and I’m EXTREMELY cautious about re-purposing content sent to me by other sites.

Having said that, below is a link to an article written by Romanian Voice Over Artist Mreinela Cojocaru.  I’m impressed with Cojocaru’s site, and the apparent quality of her content.  However, because I am NOT an SEO specialist, I’m not qualified to grade the veracity of her advice.  I’ll only say that she seems to have done a lot of work and research, and is a full-time Digital Marketing Manager as well as voice actor.

I’m not endorsing her work, just referring and sharing the link on the hope that you may find some helpful hints in her article.


Thanks, Marinela, and will someone who “gets” this stuff tell me whether there’s any usable wisdom within? 

Oh, I’m not going to use iher advice myself, but maybe my web developer can. I’m going to go take some Alka Seltzer Cold capsules now.  😉


*[Joe Davis is a recognized expert in SEO and website construction in the voiceover community]



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